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Artisan Home Remodeling offers a range of services detailed below.


The kitchen is the multi-purpose room often at the center of social interaction.  Create your dream kitchen with the help of an experienced artisan.  Brian has helped design and create dozens of kitchens from start to finish, top to bottom.  You can count on expert craftsmanship through the entire process.


Bathrooms are a place of cleanliness and rejuvanation.  A bathroom is a personal place that can vary by person.  With the knowledge and understanding of an individual's needs, Brian can create a custom bathroom design that suits you perfectly.

Flooring & Tile

An important aspect of flooring is durability and ceramic tile offers just that.  Artisan Home Remodeling specializes in ceramic tile and prefinished hardwood.  Unique and custom designs available using ceramic tile.  Prefinished hardwood is also a good choice to enhance design while maintaining durability.

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